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Coaching & Expanding Potential

Wind In Your Sails!

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Are you looking to uncover your untapped potential and stay ahead in today's agile world?  Reskilling is our strength. We are the key to discovering hidden opportunities and developing innovative solutions with you.

Our clients include leading national and international organizations and businesses from various industries as well as individuals - both high profile personalities and hidden champions.

Our outstanding expertise, professionalism and constructive empathy provide the foundation and starting point for the next steps on your way to achieving your visions and goals.

Whether face-to-face or online, we jointly tailor solutions that fit your short or long-term needs. Unleash your undiscovered potential and learn more on the following pages, or in a personal and free initial meeting.

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Book Publication

Ms. Reichard's specialized book „Wut!" - "Rage!“ was published in  2022 by C.H.Beck Verlag, Munich. An English version is in preparation.

For her book, she draws on the insights from her extensive practical experience in industry and business. An exciting, vivid guide to appreciating and utilizing  rage. An opportunity for positive change in life.

The book is available directly from C.H.Beck Verlag.

Achieve Your Goals - Constructively Utilize Anger: Two interesting articles by Britta Reichard on this topic are Ohne Wut kein Erfolg' - 'No Success Without Rage in the customer magazine of C.H.BECK 03/22 and ‚Wie Wut Respekt beflügeln kann  – Über die Energie Wut und ihre Vorteile' - 'How Rage Can  Fuel Respect - About the Energy of Rage and its Advantages' in Schweitzer Fachinformationen 02/2022. Let yourself be inspired.

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RESPEKTRUM®- Wind In Your Sails!

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