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May 14- 8, 2024 Lindos, Rhodes Island, Greece

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September 28-29, 2024 Munich, Germany

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November 22-24, 2024 Bernried, Germany

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January 25-26, 2025 Bernried, Germany

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May 11, 2024 - Failing successfully 
Thomas Alva Edison, inventor of the light bulb, said when asked how he coped with frequent failure: "I didn't fail. I just ruled out 10,000 possibilities that didn't work." Dealing constructively with setbacks - failing successfully - is crucial to the success of any endeavour.
There are four simple but crucial steps to do this. It is important to first recognise the failure soberly, without judging it. Instead of finding excuses, justifying yourself or "sweeping it under the carpet". This seems simple and is also the crucial first step to success.
My exercise for this week is to consciously pay attention to failures. These can be small things, such as the spilt tea or the incorrectly formatted document. Then to observe how I deal with them. Are you joining in?

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March 21, 2024 - Do not try! 
Imagine you ask a restaurant to prepare the party for your milestone birthday with fine food, good music and a pleasant atmosphere. You would probably be surprised if the restaurateur replied to your request: "We'll try."

Let's be honest: success is hard to guarantee. But in trying there is doubt about success.

So why not "do" right away - instead of just "trying"? Yoda says: "Do or do not. There is no try."

"I'll try" is a 'cheating sentence' with hidden doubt. It is often used because it is unclear how we can deal constructively with a possible failure and how we can turn it into a success.

You will learn the solution to this - and more - in the BEING A LEADER.  module, the key to integrity and attitude, especially in challenging situations.

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