Discover the benefits of becoming a certified Professional Coach with RESPEKTRUM®. By certifying as a RESPEKTRUM® Professional Coach, our consultants and coaches commit to meeting RESPEKTRUM®'s demanding professional principles.

Benefits and advantages of certification:
RESPEKTRUM® certifies coaches in close cooperation with experienced auditors. Certification testifies to your responsible and mindful actions as well as your impressive achievements as a top coach. To your business partners and clients, this seal of approval communicates your outstanding  expertise and your high standards of quality and ethics.

Improve your professional image as a professional coach and increase the trust of your clients through certification.

Initial Certification

Professional Coach

To obtain initial certification, enrol in the Intensive Compact Program of the Professional Coach curriculum offered by RESPEKTRUM® and  successfully complete the certification examination. For further details, please contact us.

Certification fee:
Single fee of €600 plus VAT.

Validity of Initial Certification:

Your certificate remains valid until the end of the next calendar year. To maintain the high quality standard, annual re-certification is required.


Professional Coach

Annual participation in RESPEKTRUM® Days Of Excellence or, alternatively,   5 hours of RESPEKTRUM® Management Executive Coaching to maintain the high certification standards.

Annual Re-Certification Fee: 
€130 plus VAT.

Validity of Re-Certification:
12 months

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