In the challenging world of leaders and aspiring talents, our certification as "Expert in Leadership & Business Development" sets new standards and demonstrates your commitment to the highest professional standards - both technically and personally.

A Reference in the Swiss Business World

Our RESPEKTRUM® certification for experts in Leadership & Business Development is utilized by leading companies in Switzerland, among others, to meet the stringent requirements of the cantons for executives.
Unsere RESPEKTRUM® Zertifizierung für Experten in Führung &

How your benefit from your certification

  • As a RESPEKTRUM® Experte expert, you signal your commitment to quality, performance, and ethical principles.
  • Your certificate is a recognition of the highest leadership quality and contributes to securing and enhancing your success.
  • This provides your customers, business partners, and employees with confidence and trust in your professional, mindful, and solution-oriented approach.

Initial Certification - Your Ticket To Excellence


Expert in Leadership &  Business Development

Upon completion of all four management modules, you will have the opportunity to be certified as an EXPERT IN LEADERSHIP & BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT.

Your certificate attests to your acquired expertise and entitles you to carry this qualification title.

Certification Fee:
One-Time €600 plus VAT.

Validity of Certification:
Your certificate remains valid until the end of the next year. To maintain the high-quality standard, annual re-certification is required.

Re-Certification - Maintianing the Standard


Expert in Leadership &  Business Development

Annual participation in the RESPEKTRUM® Days Of Excellence or alternatively  5 hours of RESPEKTRUM® Management Executive Coaching to maintain the high certification standard.

Annual Fee for Re-Certification: 
220 Euro plus VAT.

Validity of Re-Certification:
12 months

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